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Brickell DNA project

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A Brickell History Project has been established using the Y-chromosome DNA testing technique.

For anyone not familiar with this technique, that is growing in popularity with genealogical studies, there is very good review at the GENUKI web site at: http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/bigmisc/DNA.html

Our DNA project has been initiated as part of the BHUG research programme so that we can not only confirm a common paternal origin to some of the various 'lines' that are being researched, but also to identify cases where the Brickell descent may be through a female of our surname. With the former case we aim to build a DNA based genealogical map, with the degree of divergence of the various markers giving us an indication of the number of generations back the convergence point may be. For the latter case, which is likely to be quite a common occurrence given the breadth of our One Name Study, identifying the possibility will enable our paper based research to be appropriately focused, and over time we may even, using various public DNA family history databases, identify candidates for the paternal line associated with the intermediate Matriarch.

If you have an interest in this project or better still think that you could be a candidate for testing please do get in contact with us.

Please note: we are currently reviewing our DNA project due to a change in ownership of the company that provides our service.

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