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Family Lines being Researched

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The One Name Study has so far shown a significant pattern back to the Shaftesbury area (Dorset, England) with a substantial amount of information dating back to the 1500/1600s. Major exceptions however are: one large family line which originates in Northenden (Cheshire, England) in the mid 1500's; two significant Kent based lines that go back to the mid 1700's; and there is also an intriguing reference to some Brickles in London in the late 1300's / early 1400's.

Seventeen well defined BRICKELL family lines have so far been identified with the following Patriarchs heading up each line:

  1. Giles(1): born c. 1750 (#names in line 261)
  2. Thomas: born 1670 (#names in line: 12 - earlier version corrected creating the Giles line above)
  3. John(1): born 1797 (#names in line: 208 - Giles: born 1832/33 & Albert: born 1850/53 now merged with this line)
  4. John(4): born c. 1540 (my line) (#names in line: 193 - Richard: born c.1660 now extended to this new patriarch)
  5. Samuel(1): born 1750 (#names in line: 59)
  6. James(2): born c. 1789 (#names in line: 60)
  7. Stephen: born 1769 (#names in line: 213)
  8. Thomas(2): born c. 1750 (#names in line: 63- William: born 1778 now merged with this line)
  9. John(2): born 1832 (#names in line: 32)
  10. James(1): born c. 1765 (#names in line: 179)
  11. Edward: born c. 1780 (#names in line: 55)
  12. William: born 1817 (#names in line: 54)
  13. J. Brickell: born c. 1545 (#names in line: 203)
  14. Samuel(2): born 1847 (#names in line: 60)
  15. John Henry Godfrey: born c. 1760 (#names in line: 39 )
  16. James(3): born c. 1796 (#names in line: 66)
  17. John(5): born c. 1806 (#names in line: 36)

In addition there are an additional three patriarchs that are in the 'formation' stage with various data that needs to be verified - plus a further five US based patriarchs with whom we would ideally like to establish a clear English link.

Finally the earliest known references at this stage are to:

  • William Brikkles - acting as a juror in London on 28 April 1380, and
  • John Brickles - who was also based in London in the early 1400's John Brickles evidence

No family lines have been established for these early London based folk since their existence is only known through a number of fragments of information.

The overall database for the One Name Study now contains nearly 18,000 references to individuals - but many of these references are different data items for the same person i.e. a birth, death or census record. At this time it is not clear just how many unique individuals exist in this information since it is not always obvious whether a particular reference is for an already 'known' individual - however the total number of individuals so far mapped to individual family lines is over 2000.

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