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Scope of the BHUG One Name Study

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A full world-wide One Name Study of the Brickell name is being undertaken. This involves collecting all and any information related to the Brickell name and principally compiling family trees - hoping of course to link all such trees into one single tree with a single 'patriarch' at the head of the one tree. Such an ambition is however never likely to be fulfilled since most family names originate so far back that records do not exist that can provide sufficient evidence for such analysis. The related information collected along the way however provides a fascinating view of the social history of our relatives and this web site aims to publish material on various topics from time to time.

At any point in the development of the research, the study will however have identified a number of distinct family trees and each line will have an identified patriarch or matriarch at the head of the line.

If you have an interest in the family and social history of the Brickell name we would encourage you to become a Registered user straightaway to explore this web site more fully. If this then leads to a more active interest then you should contact the Group in order to try and 'place' you in an existing family line or perhaps to open up a new line. This will normally require you to let us know your family line back as far as you know it, and then we would be able to provide you with any basic information that is available. Quite often this would be simple reference information that would allow you to obtain source documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates.

To contribute to the research and to gain full access to the rest of the information on this site and the PhpGedView site you would however need to apply to become a full member of the Group and to agree to its Content and Publication Policy.