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The Brickell Family History Research project is a collaborative approach to genealogical research. It aims to enable registered researchers of the Brickell family name to work together in a focused manner sharing approaches and findings. It does this however whilst recognising that the research group is spread across many different countries/timezones and inevitably each individual researcher, myself include! will only be able to contribute on an intermittent basis.

Geoff Brickell June 2007

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Unregistered users of this web site can only access a very limited range of information - this will be progressively added to in this area over time - but at present the information is mainly a replication of the material that used to be on the old web site at http://www.brickell-history.com albeit with some new information.

The following menu of links provides access to all the currently available 'open' information:

Scope of the Brickell One Name Study: overview of the Brickell research and the Brickell History User Group (BHUG)

Family lines being researched: summary of the different 'lines' being researched but are not yet ! joined into one very large tree

John Brickles evidence: evidence of the earliest identified Brickells (Brickles) in London in the 1400s

Name spelling variations: variants (and deviants) of the Brickell name

Content and Publication Policy: confidentiality policy that all full BHUG members agree to

Brickell DNA Project: summary of the worldwide Brickell DNA project

Old Bailey Proceedings: short summary of some information found on the Old Bailey web site

Shaftesbury Churches: profiles of each of the churches in and around Shaftesbury

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