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Brickell DNA Project: - all users can click here for further details. Full BHUG members can see more detail including a summary of the current results

The on-line systems supporting the collaborative research into the Brickell family history consist of this web site, providing Research Data Management facilities (the ONSshoebox), and a separate GEDCOM Viewing and Management facility using the popular PhpGedView software, which is only available to full BHUG Members. The overall set of facilities are continuing to evolve and aim to attract interest from anyone that has an interest in developing the family and social history of the Brickell name.

Unregistered users of this web site can only access a very limited range of information, with a "Visitor menu" provided in the left hand column. Please do have a look around and any feedback via the Feedback Forum would be appreciated. But if you want to see more you will need to Register.

Anyone interested in joining the group as a basic Registered user should contact us.

If you wish to have a more active involvement with the Group this is very welcome and you should again contact us to discuss becoming a full BHUG Member, which provides access to an even wider set of information and also lets you edit material and contribute to the evolving content. All full members must however confirm their agreement to the group's Content and Publication Policy and this will be reviewed with you before full membership is confirmed.

If you just want to contact us to discuss any aspect of the research please click here to contact us , but please note that to limit the opportunities for e-mail addresses to be 'harvested' for spam purposes, the e-mail address is 'modified' to convert the @ into (AT) and the . into (DOT). The sender will need to edit these in their e-mail message form in order for the mail to be sent to a valid e-mail address.

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